1. Anonymous said: What are your thoughts on UWC? I want to apply but I still have to convince my parents. Also, do you have any tips on that? I'd apply for a full scholarship, but I will be an international student because there are no UWC schools in my country. Your blog is truly lovely<3 thank you!

    There are a handful of schools called UWC so I’m not exactly sure which one you are specifically talking about. However, all of them that I saw are international so I don’t know much about them. If you tell me which one you’re interested in I could help with your search for more information though!

    We get lots of questions about how to talk to parents so below is the link to view all of those tips:


    Thank you so much!



  2. Anonymous said: What would you say are the top benefits of going to boarding school? How about the disadvantages?I am applying to boarding school for entrance in my junior year - do you think the benefits outweigh how challenging the adjustment might be?


    -Different experiences that you wouldn’t otherwise have (ex. at my school we got to study abroad for a few weeks and we had exchange students come for us to host)

    -the curriculum (Though there are certainly regular schools that offer lots of options, they are usually larger schools with lots of resources and not everyone lives where that is an option. Boarding school offers a large variety of classes and quality ones at that on a smaller more personal scale)

    -The connections you make with people (people say that your college friends are the ones you end up staying connected to for the rest of your life but at boarding school you live with people the same way and for a longer time and make connections that definitely last. I was also able to spend a lot more time with professors getting help and also getting to know them and it really added to my high school experience)


    -The adjustment, of course (it’s harder for some than others. I found it hard because I went to the same school with the same people for 10 years and never had to make new friends before. Some people get homesick easily. Some people don’t have a problem at all. Since you’re going to be a junior you may be ready to get away from home and you may not have a problem at all)

    -The cost (For some people that might be a problem. It might even out in the long run though if your boarding school helps you get better scholarships for college so the money you spend now helps cut back later on. Of course there are people that can afford it just fine too, so this might not be a disadvantage)

    I think if you can make it through the initial adjustment (for me it took my whole first year) then you’ll be just fine and you certainly get a lot out of going to boarding school.



  3. Anonymous said: Hi, I love your blog! I am going to White Mountain School in New Hampshire next year as a 9th grader, and I was just wondering if you know anything about it. Boarding school is a little new for me, I applied 2 weeks before the deadline just to see, and I got accepted with a full scholarship! Any tips at all would be great, I'm not 100% positive of what to expect, but your blog has helped me a lot

    Thank you! Also, that’s awesome! That’s actually a school I’ve never heard of before but New Hampshire is a cool place. I think it might be a decently easy transition for you because you’ve never been to a regular high school. It’s weird being away from your family at first and being 100% in charge of your choices (like how late you stay up, making sure you get up in the morning, when and if you can hang out with friends) but it ends up being one of the best parts of boarding school. You get to connect with your friends on a way different level and even your teachers for that matter. I think the best thing for you would actually be to go in with no expectations. That way you can’t be let down if they were too high and you just learn as you go. It’ll either be the best 4 years of your life or the worst and you get to decide. If you have any specific questions about the experience to help make it less nerve-wrecking certainly ask away and let us know!



  4. Anonymous said: Hi, I will be going to boarding school this fall and I'm kind of nervous because within the last couple months I was diagnosed with a fairly serious anxiety disorder. I currently go to therapy for it and am taking medication, but how will that work when I'm at school? Basically, what are the counseling/therapy options at most schools. My school is pretty small (280 students) and I don't think that they have an on campus therapist, so how will I get treatment?

    I’m pretty sure that each school has to have a therapist. Maybe not considering it’s private but I don’t see why they wouldn’t have one. You could find a therapist out there by your school and work out transportation with your school. Or if there are day students you could ask a friend for transportation.



  5. Anonymous said: I know this is quite a common question, but do you think that entering a top boarding school might harm someone's chances in getting to an Ivy League? For example, if someone is in the top 3 or so (both academically and otherwise) at a decent school, would this allow them to get into a better university than if they were only at the top 50% at a boarding school? Thank you.

    It’s hard to say. A top boarding school will certainly make you more noticeable to top-tier colleges, as many of these schools send plenty of students to those schools. Ivy League colleges definitely take into account the academic caliber of the high school when considering you for admission; they are aware that a boarding school may be much more challenging than another high school.

    For example; at my boarding school, throughout my entire 4 years, there was only one student who graduated with a 4.0; and my school did not weight GPAs. However, plenty of students in my school did go on to Ivy League schools and top private colleges and receive great scholarships to a variety of schools.

    - Katie


  6. Anonymous said: Do you know of any boarding schools in California?

    Here’s a link to a list of 27 boarding schools in CA with links to reviews of each:




  7. Anonymous said: Hi! So I currently attend a local catholic high school and my parents are looking at sending me to boarding school next year. I know the academics at my school (honors level) are much harder than the public schools in my area, but I am wondering how my grades would compare at a school like Exeter or Hotchkiss if I already excel in my current environment. Also, I don't plan on retaining myself a grade.

    I don’t know of a boarding with bad or “easy” academics, but also since I don’t go to your current school and I didn’t go to either of those schools it’s hard to make a comparison for you. Since you go to a school right now with solid academics it is possible that you are well prepared to handle the tough academics of a boarding school.

    The hard part of boarding school is the fact that you are dealing with tough schoolwork mixed with being away from home. All the adjustments are what make it hard to sometimes stay on top of academics. It becomes easier after your first year (in my opinion). It’s hard to compare a “regular” school to a boarding school because the experiences are so different.



  8. Anonymous said: How long before the start of a school year do you need to apply?

    Each school has a different day that their application comes out and that it’s due unless they are rolling in which you can apply year round. I would apply the school year before you want to go (like college). Like my boarding school I had to apply by March of freshman year and I found out in May that I was accepted for my sophomore year.


  9. Anonymous said: I'm a international student going to a boarding school in England. I have a american accent, but do you think I'll get some of the british accent? I mean, some words or the way of talking...

    You might catch yourself using their phrases but you most definitely won’t “pick up their accent” unless you’re faking it. You can lose/gain an accent up to about the age of 12.


  10. Anonymous said: Hi, I recently applied for boarding school this past May since it had rolling admissions. I got accepted, but I was put on the financial aid wait list. The director of admissions said that there might be more funds, but I think it's highly unlikely. The school's tuition is almost equal to my parents' income. Have you had any friends that have dealt with a similar situation regarding financial aid?

    I went to school with a lot of kids that came from homes with hardly an income but we all went to a state-funded boarding school so we didn’t pay tuition or anything and the only people that had to pay anything towards room and board were the people that could afford it. Even then, it wasn’t much in the big scheme of things.
    I didn’t know that there was such thing as a financial aid waiting list. You would think that if it was so much in comparison to your family income that they would be more willing to help you first but I guess that’s not how it works. I don’t really know how they choose who to give the aid to in the first place.
    If they don’t end up coming up with the money you may just have to wait it out and try next year. It’s really unfortunate that quality education comes with such a price tag nowadays. Check the comments on this post though and maybe our followers will have some input on someone they know who was in a similar situation.


  11. Anonymous said: Do you know what the showers are like for guys at most boarding schools? Like, do you have to shower communally? Or are they individual. Because I've always been a little self conscious about my body and I don't like other people seeing me naked or even shirtless. This might be a stupid question but I just don't really know. Thanks!

    Everything varies from school to school..

    At my boarding school, each room had their own bathroom. There are definitely some schools that have communal bathrooms. Pretty sure communal showers aren’t a thing anymore anywhere though?

    You’ll just have to tour or research your potential schools.



  12. Anonymous said: So I kind of have two questions: 1) At boarding school, are you allowed to buy things online and have them shipped to you? Also, just in general, Are you allowed to receive packages or mail from your parents and things? 2) How do you move in at the beginning of school? Do you ship all of your things in boxes the the mail or something, or pack them in suitcases/bags and take them with you when you travel (I live on the opposite side of the country as my school)?

    1) Absolutely…..

    2) Well, I was close enough to drive so I packed stuff in suitcases. You could do a bit of both or whichever is cheaper. It’s probably easier to ship stuff in your situation. After your first year you can keep stuff in a storage unit over the summer. You just have to get what you need out there to begin with. I know people that just bring essentials and then shop for whatever else they need once they get to where they’re going. Like, if you need a lamp just pick it up from Target or something once you get to school instead of trying to transport it.



  13. Anonymous said: My parents think I only want to go to boarding school for the novelty of it and that's not true, but I'm too scared to tell them the real truth.

    You have to have an educated conversation with them. It hurts nothing to talk to them about boarding school and why you really want to go. Lay out some options. Sure, it takes some research but it could be worth it in the end. If you want to go for a better education or more opportunities, let them know that’s why and then show them examples of what different boarding schools offer. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation! Absolutely nothing will happen if you avoid it, which could also be true of when you do have a conversation but at least you can say you tried.



  14. Anonymous said: I am going to boarding school in the fall!! Do you have any advice on what items I should bring and how I should pack them?

    Hope this list helps!

    See here:


    - Katie


  15. Anonymous said: Have you seen Boarders' Report? It's a website featuring boarding school news worldwide! Google the site and check it out

    Please stop promoting your site through this blog. This is absolutely unacceptable and I do not support your site. Thank you.

    - Katie