1. Anonymous asked: Hi! ive been wanting to go for the longest time but i was wondering....what schools have the best tolerance for gay guys? which schools have the largest amount of them? Are any at culver? thanks! i want to apply for my junior year since i missed the deadlines while I was trying to convince my parents! haha

    I’m sorry, but that isn’t really something you can tell without going to the school. They don’t exactly post those sort of stats on their websites. Personally, my school (IMSA) was really tolerant of LGBTQ students and we even had a very active club and support group. We had quite a few openly gay students and my roommate for one year was a lesbian. People weren’t weird about rooming with LGBTQ students and my school was supportive of making sure students were comfortable in their environment. We had multiple transgender/transsexual students and the teachers were for the most part really good about addressing them with the right name and pronoun and the school let them live in a room they were most comfortable in (ex. f to m living in a female dorm). As for gay guys, I had as many gay guy friends as I have fingers. It doesn’t mean that my school had any more than any other school because it probably didn’t. It was mostly because they felt comfortable being open in their environment so everyone knew their sexuality. When it comes to private schools, you might see less of that openness if there is a religious affiliation for unfortunate obvious reasons. I can’t speak for Culver, but hopefully Katie sees this and can answer that part for you. This is the type of question that if you want to know for a specific school you need to get in touch with a current or former student for that school.



  2. Anonymous asked: I've really been wanting to go to a boarding school lately. I truly believe I will get a better education away from home. However, my mother is incredibly opposed to the idea. Any thoughts?

    It can sometimes take a lot of time to get parents to come around to the idea, but check out all of our questions answered about talking to parents and hopefully it helps! If not, feel free to come back and ask more.




  3. Anonymous asked: Did your boarding school ever penalize you guys for having a messy room?

    haha yes!

    We had room checks every two weeks and I always passed so I’m not quite sure on the penalties for failing but I think it was extra housekeeping duties for our dorm. If you continually failed there were more serious consequences. They didn’t do it to be strict or anything. It was just really easy to get mice or ant problems so they wanted to make sure our rooms weren’t overly disgusting or anything. We had competitions for cleanest room and my roommate and I never won haha



  4. Anonymous asked: I'm going to a boarding school in England and I'm taking 4 A Levels (geography,history,maths and english) and everyone says that A Levels are really challenging and impossible to pass. Since I'm an international student, I can only continue in the school if I get good grades, and I'm really scared that I won't pass!

    All you can do is give it your best shot. Don’t go into it with a bad mindset and I’m sure you’ll do fine. Since you will be living at your school there is essentially tutors at all times. By that I mean there are going to be students in the same classes as you and you can always get help and do your homework with them. Also, teachers are more available to meet with students and they want to see you succeed. Just don’t be afraid to ask for help!



  5. Anonymous asked: How people usually treat international students?

    We didn’t have international students at my school so I don’t know from direct experience. We did have exchange students though which were international students that would just come for a few weeks at a time. People always treated them really well and thought it was cool to be able to learn about a different culture. Depending on the school, international students might be placed in housing a little bit differently or offered extra resources.



  6. Anonymous asked: I am think about going to boarding school for a few years. And after all this time my mom thinks it a good idea, but know I am more conflicted about going. My life at school is getting better and one of my best friends is moving this up coming school year. Plus I would be 3rd of my friends to move and the 5 to leave the group(one of our friends left to try to get closer to a guy dating her new best friend). My group is Farley small only the 6 of us. I want to go but I don't went to go. Help

    For starters, your decision should have nothing to do with anyone else. It’s your education and therefore your decision. Leaving friends behind is always tough but they’ll make new friends and so will you. Your decision should come down to if you think it will be the best choice for you and if you think you’ll end up being able to live with your choice. If it doesn’t work out in the end, you can always transfer back to your old school so keep that in mind. Don’t let anyone else be your deciding factor.



  7. Anonymous asked: Hi! I am wondering if at boarding school, you are allowed to have a plant or something in your room. I have a pet marimo ball (basically a type of algae that lives in water and does nothing. its more of a plant than a pet but i love my little guy so much) and am going to boarding school next year, so would most boarding schools allow me to have that in my dorm or do i have to leave him at home?

    Most schools allow fish and small plants such as cacti but they do set a size limit on tank and probably pot too. I’m sure your marimo ball would be fine though since, like you said, it does nothing and it doesn’t sound like it takes up much space. You’d have to check guidelines and restrictions for your school before you move in though just to make sure.



  8. Anonymous asked: Hi darlings! Okay so I really want to go to a boarding school and my mom thinks it's a pretty good idea but I have a single mother and I don't know if we would be able to afford it.. How is the financial aid in schools say in the mid-west? Thanks so much!

    My boarding school was state-funded so the amount students paid was very little to begin with and even then it was based off of income so you could end up paying nothing. HOWEVER, most aren’t like that and the cost varies a lot. Most boarding schools you can look up how much financial aid they offer (if any) and whether it is need-based or for merit/academic. If you message me unanon about what state in particular you’re looking at in the Midwest I could help you a lot more.



  9. abbeybressers asked: Hi! So I was wondering: In boarding school are you allowed to watch Netflix and/or TV shows/movies on your laptops?

    Of course! It’s usually way easier than trying to find a television to watch stuff on ( at my school only seniors were allowed tvs and even then we didn’t have cable). Oovoo and netflix were really big for us to keep up with shows and people were constantly having movie nights in their rooms.



  10. Anonymous asked: Are boarding schools harder than regular schools?

    I would say generally, yes. It’s not in a bad way though. The point of boarding school is to challenge students academically and offer them opportunities that average schools wouldn’t be able to. There’s a lot of aspects to boarding school that make it harder than a “regular school”. You’re balancing school with being away from home and being responsible for yourself. For me it was worth the challenge.



  11. Anonymous asked: Help!! I'm applying to a school and I don't have an volunteer activities in because my sport takes over my life! What should I do?

    Admissions counselors don’t necessarily look for lots of activities.. just dedication and passion for a few. Don’t try and fake something you’re not. If your sport is really important to you then tell them that and let them know why. There isn’t a set person that boarding schools look for so just because you don’t have something that someone else might doesn’t mean they are a better fit for the school. I worked with my school’s admissions office long enough to know that someone who tries to take on the world and try every single activity at their school doesn’t mean they are better than someone who has a few interests that they are serious about. Hope that helps!



  12. Anonymous asked: I got into both of my top schools, but now i need to decide whether i should attend the day school or if i should go to the boarding school. What should i do?!

    It’s really up to you and your family. If you think you’ll be really homesick then just try being a day student at first. Or you can do the reverse and start off as a boarder and if it doesn’t feel right then move back home.Talk to your parents; they might not want you to board anyways since you’re so close to home. 



  13. fresh--perfection asked: Hey :) So for nearly 2 years, I've been looking at a really good boarding school that's in my closest capital city (I've already been accepted). Yesterday, both my parents signed the enrolment form, but we haven't sent it off yet. I'll have to decide if I want to go pretty soon, but I have no idea what to do! I'll have been at the same school for 12.5 years and only have 1.5 years left, but I don't really want to pass up an opportunity like this. And I definitely know I won't be homesick

    Without a doubt, give it a try!

    I was in a similar situation, I went to the same school for 11 years but I was pretty sure getting away wouldn’t make me homesick. It was hard making new friends at first but I did just fine in the end.

    Keep in mind that by transferring schools it isn’t a binding thing. If it really just doesn’t work out there are other options. Best of luck with your decision!



  14. im-just-a-teenaqe-dirtbaq-baby asked: Hi, I am a freshman in highschool and my dad wants me to go to boarding school next year. The only thing holding me back is I'm terrified of being homesick, because I know I will be. I can't go 2 days without missing home. Were you homesick? How did you deal with it? Is it all worth it and how has your experience been? It would be amazing if you could answer these questions because I need to make a decision soon :( thank you

    Homesickness is a pretty common feeling when heading to boarding school. I was convinced I was so ready to leave but I still felt homesick every so often. I went to the same school with the same kids since kindergarten so I had a hard time letting go of my “home friends” and making new friends. You get over it by trying new things and embracing the new experience. I guarantee if you went to boarding school you would find people who feel the exact way you do or at least did at some point but overcame it. To be honest, my first year was a bit rough in that aspect but by time I graduated there isn’t a single thing I would change. Going to boarding school introduces you to so many opportunities and all the struggles with things such as homesickness were totally worth overcoming and sticking with it. Boarding school becomes a second home or just home in general. You could try to find a boarding school that’s close enough to where you currently live so that you could go home on the weekends. Just… I promise you that it will be worth a shot and worst case scenario you hate it and move back home. It happens. But I definitely think you should go for it! Best of luck!!



  15. Anonymous asked: My parents just put a deposit in for a boarding school I wanted to go to. And I'm a junior, re doing my junior year. I'm really really nervous about everything. Any advice?

    It is certainly a completely new experience, but I’m sure you will do just fine! Go in to things with an open mind. In boarding school you meet lots of different people with lots of different backgrounds and you’re going to be learning and living with them, so be open to meeting others who might be way different from yourself. Go in knowing that you’re going to have to adapt. You’re going to be thrown into a learning environment that is way different than what you’ve been doing your whole life. Also, being away from home you have to learn to manage yourself. I know it is hard not to, but don’t over-think everything: you’ve packed enough, you look fine, you’ll make friends, you will succeed. 

    I wish you nothing but the best!