1. Anonymous said: Do you know of any boarding schools in California?

    Here’s a link to a list of 27 boarding schools in CA with links to reviews of each:




  2. Anonymous said: Hi! So I currently attend a local catholic high school and my parents are looking at sending me to boarding school next year. I know the academics at my school (honors level) are much harder than the public schools in my area, but I am wondering how my grades would compare at a school like Exeter or Hotchkiss if I already excel in my current environment. Also, I don't plan on retaining myself a grade.

    I don’t know of a boarding with bad or “easy” academics, but also since I don’t go to your current school and I didn’t go to either of those schools it’s hard to make a comparison for you. Since you go to a school right now with solid academics it is possible that you are well prepared to handle the tough academics of a boarding school.

    The hard part of boarding school is the fact that you are dealing with tough schoolwork mixed with being away from home. All the adjustments are what make it hard to sometimes stay on top of academics. It becomes easier after your first year (in my opinion). It’s hard to compare a “regular” school to a boarding school because the experiences are so different.



  3. Anonymous said: How long before the start of a school year do you need to apply?

    Each school has a different day that their application comes out and that it’s due unless they are rolling in which you can apply year round. I would apply the school year before you want to go (like college). Like my boarding school I had to apply by March of freshman year and I found out in May that I was accepted for my sophomore year.


  4. Anonymous said: I'm a international student going to a boarding school in England. I have a american accent, but do you think I'll get some of the british accent? I mean, some words or the way of talking...

    You might catch yourself using their phrases but you most definitely won’t “pick up their accent” unless you’re faking it. You can lose/gain an accent up to about the age of 12.


  5. Anonymous said: Hi, I recently applied for boarding school this past May since it had rolling admissions. I got accepted, but I was put on the financial aid wait list. The director of admissions said that there might be more funds, but I think it's highly unlikely. The school's tuition is almost equal to my parents' income. Have you had any friends that have dealt with a similar situation regarding financial aid?

    I went to school with a lot of kids that came from homes with hardly an income but we all went to a state-funded boarding school so we didn’t pay tuition or anything and the only people that had to pay anything towards room and board were the people that could afford it. Even then, it wasn’t much in the big scheme of things.
    I didn’t know that there was such thing as a financial aid waiting list. You would think that if it was so much in comparison to your family income that they would be more willing to help you first but I guess that’s not how it works. I don’t really know how they choose who to give the aid to in the first place.
    If they don’t end up coming up with the money you may just have to wait it out and try next year. It’s really unfortunate that quality education comes with such a price tag nowadays. Check the comments on this post though and maybe our followers will have some input on someone they know who was in a similar situation.


  6. Anonymous said: Do you know what the showers are like for guys at most boarding schools? Like, do you have to shower communally? Or are they individual. Because I've always been a little self conscious about my body and I don't like other people seeing me naked or even shirtless. This might be a stupid question but I just don't really know. Thanks!

    Everything varies from school to school..

    At my boarding school, each room had their own bathroom. There are definitely some schools that have communal bathrooms. Pretty sure communal showers aren’t a thing anymore anywhere though?

    You’ll just have to tour or research your potential schools.



  7. Anonymous said: So I kind of have two questions: 1) At boarding school, are you allowed to buy things online and have them shipped to you? Also, just in general, Are you allowed to receive packages or mail from your parents and things? 2) How do you move in at the beginning of school? Do you ship all of your things in boxes the the mail or something, or pack them in suitcases/bags and take them with you when you travel (I live on the opposite side of the country as my school)?

    1) Absolutely…..

    2) Well, I was close enough to drive so I packed stuff in suitcases. You could do a bit of both or whichever is cheaper. It’s probably easier to ship stuff in your situation. After your first year you can keep stuff in a storage unit over the summer. You just have to get what you need out there to begin with. I know people that just bring essentials and then shop for whatever else they need once they get to where they’re going. Like, if you need a lamp just pick it up from Target or something once you get to school instead of trying to transport it.



  8. Anonymous said: My parents think I only want to go to boarding school for the novelty of it and that's not true, but I'm too scared to tell them the real truth.

    You have to have an educated conversation with them. It hurts nothing to talk to them about boarding school and why you really want to go. Lay out some options. Sure, it takes some research but it could be worth it in the end. If you want to go for a better education or more opportunities, let them know that’s why and then show them examples of what different boarding schools offer. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation! Absolutely nothing will happen if you avoid it, which could also be true of when you do have a conversation but at least you can say you tried.



  9. Anonymous said: I am going to boarding school in the fall!! Do you have any advice on what items I should bring and how I should pack them?

    Hope this list helps!

    See here:


    - Katie


  10. Anonymous said: Have you seen Boarders' Report? It's a website featuring boarding school news worldwide! Google the site and check it out

    Please stop promoting your site through this blog. This is absolutely unacceptable and I do not support your site. Thank you.

    - Katie


  11. Anonymous said: Hi. So next year I am going to a boarding school in upstate New York. First of all, I am gay and I am just wondering how accepting people are about homosexuality on the east coast (I live in California right now, and I know that people are very accepting about these thingswhere I live). Anyways, I am just nervous that it will be like in the movies, you know? Secondly, I have struggled with mild depression and self harm for a while and I am just wondering, how do they deal with students like me.

    I’ll have to let our east coast boarding followers chime in on how homosexuality is accepted because I’m not familiar with the culture out there. My school was in the midwest and everyone (students and staff alike) were very accepting of the whole spectrum of genders and sexualities. Check the comments left on here to see what others have to say about that matter.

    About the depression and self harm, I can relate to that topic. If your school believes that you are a harm to yourself or others they have to get you outside help. So, for instance, you can confide in your school psych but if you tell him/her that you harm they have to connect you to an outside therapist to get help. They just by law have to do that. Same goes for if your Resident Counselor/Assistant or someone notices that you harm and are a threat to yourself or if you admit that to them, they have to report it. Depression though you can just go to your school therapist and be fine. Or you can choose the route I did and not tell anyone about either of those things (not really that recommended).



  12. Anonymous said: Hello! From about last May until recently, I have expressed feelings to my parents about being homeschooled (just hear me out haha). Anyway, I have wanted to go to boarding school for years but recently actually researched and have found out how it would be better for me and how I like the whole idea more. But there is a problem- I don't know how to tell my parents without seeming like completely changing my interests and me wanting to go to boarding school just being a phase. Can you help?

    First, check out our asks tagged as 'parents' and that should help lots, but also you just need to be really well informed so they see your interest in it. You said you’ve been researching it so present that to them. If you’re really into the idea they should be able to tell by the way you talk about it.



  13. its-a-girlyworld said: I'm applying for BS this fall, and I'm wondering if it's worth applying as a repeat freshman or if I should just go as a sophomore. I need help with the whole admissions process, and any tips on life, both social & academic? Please be my guide?

    Sophomore year is still pretty fresh into your high school career so I would say go ahead and enter into your proper grade. I volunteered in the admissions office at my school so if you have any specific questions I would love to answer them for you!



  14. Anonymous said: I really want to go to a boarding school (Phillips Academy, Andover) since it's more challenging and I feel as if I'd fit in better. However, my parents won't really take me seriously on the idea and the tuition is pretty expensive, even with financial aid. How can I get them to consider boarding school as an option?

    We answer this question a lot so check out our asks tagged parents and it should help you out bunches :)



  15. Anonymous said: Do you think you could compare and contrast Taft and Deerfield for me? I love both of them and I feel like Taft is a better environment but Deerfield has so much prestige! I chose Taft but I want to make sure I made the right choice before it's too late to back out!

    I can’t do the comparing and contrasting for you because what I want in a school could be a lot different than for you. I can however try and help give you certain aspects of the school to compare and contrast:
    -the environment is a good place to start. Which feels more like home and could you see yourself living there for a few years.
    -price, if that matters to your family.
    -class size, student to teacher ratio, size of the school
    -friendliness, believe it or not how helpful admissions staff and staff in general were during the application process does say a lot about the school and how much help you’ll recieve once you’re a student there.
    -stats, what have former students gone on to do and what are some big successes of the academy.
    No one can make the right decision for you; only you can determine that.